Port Grenaugh Kennels

About Us

Who is looking after my pet?
Robert Parker is the Kennel Manager and a Director of PGK Limited (Port Grenaugh Kennels).
Robert is the third generation to be involved with Port Grenaugh Kennels.
Started his late father Andy Parker in 1986, opening the doors in 1987 the business grew and in those days included their famous ‘tripe round’. Andy then had his mum and dad helping out as he expanded into pet shops with Diane for a short while.
Dogs have always played a big part of our family and this is why we started Port Grenaugh Kennels. In 1985 we brought home our first dog, a beautiful Doberman called Kelly. In 1986 Diane and Andy went on a late honey moon, which involved Andy having to look for somewhere to put her while they were away. He could seen that there needed to be more room for dogs, particularly bigger dogs and decided to start the business upon his return. Our love of dogs extended into showing and would joke that we had kennels so that we could actually have holidays!